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Producing Partners


Joanne Rubino


Founder, Be Brave Media


Joanne Rubino is a creative, development, and production force and an Emmy-nominated producer of highly acclaimed biopics, scripted series, and documentaries including Brando, Hatfields & McCoys miniseries, Surviving Compton, and Sun Records, to name a few. Today, as the founder of Be Brave Media, Joanne is sought out to develop true-story film and series concepts into viable production projects—Slinky being the first of many on Be Brave Media’s growing slate. Since partnering with producers Paul Allen and Darla Marasco, the company is moving at breakneck speed, garnering the rights to iconic IP, fostering amazing true stories, and developing and partnering with other like-minded producers to serve the projects and the creators they support. With multiple projects in the works across all genres and platforms, there is no stopping this unstoppable team.

Paul-Allen_better res.jpg

Paul Allen


Founder, Midas Entertainment


Paul Allen is a respected producer, DGA director, and an impassioned storyteller. His credits include the popular Nickelodeon sitcom Sam & Cat, starring Ariana Grande, as well as the GLAAD Award-winning series R&B Divas (Executive Producer) and the WGA-nominated Lifetime TV movie Surviving Compton.


Darla Marasco


Founder, Marasco Media


Darla Marasco, an award-winning visionary and founder of Marasco Media, has worked on over 50 series and delivered more than 5,000 hours of risk-and-reward television to the world’s preeminent broadcast and cable networks with series such as Deadliest Catch, Storage Wars, Jay Leno’s Garage, Ice Road Truckers, Axmen, Biography, and Monster Garage.

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